NYS Presidential PRIMARY Sample Ballots | New NY 23rd

The New York State Primary will be held on Tuesday, April 19, from Noon to 9 PM. This is the time for both parties to get out as many voters as they can. It has been my experience that people like to see, and even study the ballots before they vote. Below are the Republican and Democratic Ballots. This Republican Primary Sample Ballot shown is similar to the ones that will be used all over New York State. The Democratic Ballot ballot shown will be used across the NY23rd.

The New NY 23rd has published an article about how the Republican Primary, explaining how the delegates are earned. You can find it here. We also published an article about how the Democratic Primary, explaining how their delegates are earned. You can find it here.

Republican Sample Ballot

Click on the ballot to enlarged it.

To see the New NY23 article–NYS Republican Primary–Process and Politics follow this link.

Democratic Sample Ballot

Follow this link to see who the Super-Delegates are, and who they are currently supporting. (Scroll down a little to see the list).

The delegates who support Bernie are on the Line A, . The delegates who support Hillary are on line B.

You may want to check out the following link from the Schuyler County Board of Elections. Also, this link shows the Democratic delegates for every Congressional District in NYS.

Click on the ballot to enlarged it.

Please note: There is no place for a write-in candidate on either ballot. Write-In are not allowed in Presidential Primary Elections.

In the General Election in November, only candidates who are “Certified” by the NYS Board of Election can run a write-in campaign. For more information go to the Board of Election website, and scroll down a bit,/’; or See Election Law §6-153.

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