GOP stumbles over healthcare and falls | New NY 23rd


…, we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.–Nancy Pelosi (see the citation for the context of Pelosi’s oft quoted remark)

I have no problem with people saying Obama cares. I do care!–Barack Obama

You’ve heard a lot about Obamacare, as it’s come to be known.  You heard a lot about it in the six and a half years since I signed it into law.  And some of the things you heard might even be true.–Barack Obama

We care about ensuring access to quality, affordable health care so working families across America will no longer have to deal with the failed health care policies forced upon them. This is a plan that empowers individuals with choice. Having the freedom to choose what type of insurance you are provided is a cornerstone of this plan.–Rep. Tom Reed (for Tom, choice is the right to do without)

The GOP set out to destroy the Affordable Health Care Act as soon as it became law. Their chosen means was ridicule. They attempted to link it to President Obama whom they assumed would be an unpopular President. Obama eventually accepted, even welcomed that name. When to much astonishment Obama was elected to a second term, the effort to link Obamacare to the President collapsed, but the mockery of AHC continued.

The GOP relentlessly portrayed AHC as a failure and to some extent succeeded–many came to believe that the law was somehow flawed. The GOP believed that they could “repeal and replace” AHC with a law that would be popular, but they miscalculated–many of those, including Republicans, who looked at AHC with disfavor, really wanted something better. Now that the GOP has the responsibility and have proposed a replacement, AHCA, many who would lose valuable benefits are outraged.

President Trump may have recognized reality when he promised that his healthcare proposal would be wonderful. That intent ran up against reality, which Trump recognized when he admitted that “healthcare is hard.” One reason healthcare is hard for the GOP is that there is no consensus among them as to what responsibility, if any, the government has for healthcare. Many Republicans favor lassez-faire which assumes health care is a luxury–“you need no more than you can afford.” This doesn’t work for many.

The GOP is unlikely to design a satisfactory healthcare law, because they mostly reject principles (universal coverage, affordable for all) necessary for success. These tenets of Obamacare must be the basis for any satisfactory healthcare plan.

Reportedly, President Trump will use bully pulpit to counter conservative revolt over Obamacare replacement. This might work if only conservative Republicans objected to the Republican draft plan.

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