Ron DeSantis | New NY 23rd

The tired dogmas of the past are inadequate for a vibrant future — we must look forward, not backwards.–Ron DeSantis

Tired dogmas?

Ron DeSantis is a candidate for President. He explains his views on his web page.

Our country is going in the wrong direction.  We see it with our eyes and we feel it in our bones.

  • Our southern border has collapsed and drugs are pouring into our country, killing tens of thousands of our fellow Americans
  • Our cities are being hollowed out by spiking crime — the result of weak, ideologically-driven policies
  • Our federal government is making it harder for the average family to make ends meet and to attain and maintain a middle class lifestyle
  • Our president lacks vigor, flounders in the face of our nation’s challenges, and takes his cues from the woke mob 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Ron DeSantis’ announcement is a litany of complaints. I find few specific policy suggestions; he would build a wall; he tells us what we see and feel; better we should see and feel for ourselves.

  • Laws and walls have never stopped drug users.
  • Florida has more crime than NYS, and three times NYS’s gun death rate (CDC data)
  • By weak, ideologically-driven policies, he must mean policies not reflecting his far-right ideology.
  • DeSantis’ ideology may be so-called Christian Nationalism and doesn’t reflect justice for all.
  • Yes, it is harder to maintain a middle class lifestyle, primarily due to Republican belief in social Darwinism and a laissez-faire economy.
  • What DeSantis calls “the woke mob” are those of us, perhaps a majority, who favor a kind, truthful, inclusive national policy.

What tired dogmas of the past Ron DeSantis finds inadequate for the future, one can only imagine. Presumably, he doesn’t have any Republican dogmas in mind, pricing hard-working Americans out of a good standard of living through inflationary borrow, print and spend policies, for example.

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