Republican Main Street Caucus | New NY 23rd

We’re conservatives who understand that America has given us an opportunity to govern, and that’s an obligation that we can’t squander. Our leadership is, on average, more conservative than the House Republican Conference as a whole.–Caucus Chair Dusty Johnson (R-SD)

The Republican Main Street Caucus, a House caucus with 70 members, released a list of priorities, conditions for raising the debt ceiling. Mostly, they reflect common Republican talking points.

  • Retrieve unspent Covid funds: this reflects the view that Covid was a one-time event long past so that the unspent funds are no longer needed.
  • Cancel student loan relief: the only apparent justification is to save the expense.
  • Cut spending: what spending would be cut isn’t specified.
  • Limit growth of spending: reflect the idea that the government should spend less without justification.
  • Study growth of Social Security and Medicare: reflects the desire to reduce the cost of these.
  • Strengthen work requirements for SNAP: Republicans have long wanted to make it harder to qualify for SNAP benefits.
  • Enact H.R. 1: The House passed it, and that is as far as it will go.
  • Congress to review regulations: a common talking point, impractical to implement.

The Republican Main Street Caucus, shouldn’t be confused with the late Amo Houghton’s former Main Street Partnership. The Republican Main Street Caucus sees itself as conservative and pragmatic rather than moderate. Rep. Stefanik (R-NY) is a member. It isn’t clear if their suggestions could be the basis of agreement among Republicans, or if a bill based on them could pass the Senate and be signed by President Biden.

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