Even George Santos can be a member of Congress | New NY 23rd

Even George Santos can be a member of Congress, as long as his vote is needed.

Those who want others to pull themselves up by their bootstraps generally ain’t poor.

No one is above the law, unless it be an ex President.

When only Republicans and liars are electable hereabouts, it’s a wonder more liars don’t claim to be Republicans.

One particular D.A. today is the worst ever.

The ancient Greeks had term limits: they killed their sacred king at the end of the year. It is a wonder anyone took the job, but sometimes they contrived to be reincarnated.

We get the government we vote for.

Tictok might use our personal information, but not Microsoft, Google, or Meta.

Politicians, not economists, say spending causes inflation.

The more pictures we see, the better the job our congressperson is doing.

Indicting an ex President is a double standard, unless all ex Presidents be indicted.

Strangely, those whose parents sent them to college and hope their kids will go, urge trade school for other people’s kids.

Some had their fingers crossed, when they took the oath of office.

In Tom Sawyer’s time, people recognized the duke and king as frauds.

A children’s book, “Dim Sum for Everyone,” is a threat to our nation.

George Santos can pose as an expert and pontificate, once elected to Congress.

The world is running out of bat shit, but only literally.

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