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NY23’s Visionary Horizons: Global Infrastructure Projects and the Dream of a New Resort City

In the global infrastructure that keeps changing with time. There is a stronger desire today to construct revolutionary undertakings which combine Las Vegas-like resorts’ charm and latest technology. This write-up discusses the possibility of another round of projects for internationalizing … Continue reading

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Envisioning a Greener Glamour: New York’s 23rd District Merges Environmental Advocacy with the Allure of Online Casinos

Similar to Las Vegas, New York’s 23rd district is currently experiencing a change with luxurious hotels and casinos also doubling as important places for national environmental debates. This study investigates how the region can use what makes it unique in … Continue reading

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Bridging Community Engagement: From Town Hall Meetings to the Virtual Casino Floor

Within New York’s 23rd congressional district, town hall meetings have always been an integral part of community involvement. Which connects residents to their elected officials through active conversations on immediate concerns affecting them. This well-established custom rooted in American democracy … Continue reading

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