We need a representative who doesn’t try to turn us against each other. | New NY 23rd

This article was submitted by a Southern Tier Patriot .

I write this to you as a former Republican who believes that the politics of our communities are more about involvement than division. What we need in Congress now is someone who will represent us in Congress, stand up for all of our communities. We don’t need someone that tries to divide us by saying that we are left and right. Or that somehow our concerns as constituents are only worthy to our geographic location and their election. The idea that somehow someone can play politics with our tax dollars is what is wrong with this equation.

Let me also say this. Someone who condemns us to an existence of poverty in the name of special interests does not represent us, and has no business in Congress other than the business of special interests.

While Congress debates on whether working people are worthy of tax increases in the name of distributing our wealth to those who pay for access instead of voting. It is our civic duty to stay involved, because the idea that somehow out of state donors and those who pay can control the process over those represented is unamerican.

Rigging the Market in the name of monopolies like this tax bill will do is going to bring about another era of robber barons and company towns. An era our predecessors fought so hard to defeat because you are not empowering individuals by saying that the market is free yet rigging it for the largest contributors. It is not a free market when you have elected representatives putting into law that Corporation A gets a check from the government while businesses on places like Corning’s Market Street hurt or Elmira’s Water Street hurt is not standing up for our communities. This has nothing to do with the free market and everything to do with crony capitalism, and its not Republican or Democrat to oppose that in the name of a market that is competitive it is American.

My family fled communism and the idea that somehow demanding that the government doesn’t rig the market is somehow a left idea is just rhetoric topped on politics. This is going to hurt the Southern Tier, Appalachia, our State and rural communities across this state. No one special interest has a right to buy our elected officials, thats not our Southern Tier, or our America. This is not a Republican-Democrat fight.

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