Tom Reed’s contradictions | New NY 23rd

“We care about our senior citizens and those living on fixed incomes.  That is why we have repeatedly called for a review of the Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment formula. It needs to be modified to reflect the realities of rising healthcare costs among other challenges that our seniors face. They paid into the system their entire working lives. It’s not fair that retirees are forced to try to stretch their benefits even further.”–Tom Reed

“Addressing an issue pertinent to his audience, Reed told the crowd gathered in the large community room that with his position on the Ways and Means Committee, he would work to make sure Social Security and Medicare stay for generations to come, even if it means people would have to work longer or get less.”

Tom Reed’s political views are rife with contradictions. Here are examples:

  • He complains that Social Security benefits are too low, but told seniors he would cut benefits to “save” Social Security.
  • Trusted by Republican leaders, he was rewarded by appointment to the House Ways and Means Committee, yet he poses as a political outsider.
  • His job is to represent us in Washington, yet he brags that he spends as little time there as he can.
  • Before he was elected to Congress, he favored term limits. Now he says he will stay till the “job is done” with no end in sight. According to Disney, Davy Crockett needed only one term to do what Tom hasn’t begun after three terms.
  • He claims to be a fiscal conservative, yet he spends much more public money on partisan mailings than the average of his peers.
  • He claims expertise in energy policy, manufacturing, power plant sighting, agriculture, and other areas in which he has no education or experience.
  • He feigns concern over violence directed at women, yet continues to support Donald Trump.
  • His job is to legislate, yet he supports Donald Trump who he says will disrupt government presumably including the legislative process.

These contradictions may not be liabilities–Tom’s supporters may see what they want to see and ignore the rest.

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