Saving Social Security | New NY 23rd

I have many good friends who are retired and many good friends who receive Social Security disability benefits. I am concerned that my good friends might lose their benefits because Social Security is nearly broke, flat, busted, bankrupt. That is unacceptable. I want to lead on this issue by highlighting the problem. We need to confront this issue now; any alternative would be kicking the can down the road. 

I don’t know how to solve this problem, maybe my good friends would make a suggestion. I do know what won’t work.

  • The administration’s plan to transfer money from one program to another. That would be robbing Peter to pay Paul, or maybe robbing David to pay someone whose number isn’t in my cell phone.
  • Raising taxes–that wouldn’t be fair to my good friends who aren’t retired or disabled. My other friends wouldn’t want that.

Some say we should raise the tax cap on Social Security taxes. But if we raise the taxes on my wealthy friends income, we would have to increase their benefits as well, so that won’t work; nice try though.

Many of my disabled friends tell me they would prefer to work rather than be takers. I know that there are jobs to be had if only people would look for them. All except the catastrophically disabled ought to be able to find some job somewhere in the country. Good luck to you, my friends.

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