Reed and Plumb on jobs | New NY 23rd

In Washington, I am known as the “Solar Republican” because I am pushing clean energy policies forward through tax policies that allow alternative and renewable energies to blossom. My all-of-the-above approach will lower energy costs, increase development investments, create jobs, and I will make our nation safer by reducing our dependence on foreign oil.–Tom Reed

Our region needs a new representative in Congress — one who is dedicated to putting our people first, fighting for rural communities instead of the special interests.–John Plumb

Candidate John Plumb Tom Reed
Fight against bad trade deals, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, so we can stop our jobs being shipped overseas. fix our broken tax code
Champion renewable energy so our rural economies are a part of this growing economic wave, and upgrade our crumbling roads and bridges. push an “all of the above” energy policy
Create the conditions for entrepreneurs to succeed: Eliminate damaging, unnecessary red tape and provide resources so they have a better environment to make their plans a reality. stop unnecessary government regulation
Help students finance and refinance their student loans at competitive rates, or pay them back as a percentage of their income so they can afford to stay and work in our district and take risks while they’re young.
 Connect rural communities to the free flow of online commerce, customers and clients with true high-speed internet and improved rural cellphone coverage. invest in and repair our infrastructure
Get spending under control, so we can strengthen our economy today and in the future without continuing to pass the buck on to future generations.

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