New York’s Congressional Districts 2022 | New NY 23rd

New NY-24

I am surprised at the new congressional districts defined by the court. I expected they would be more compact and competitive.

  • The new districts are much the same as before, at least in upstate New York.
  • NY-24 is anything but compact.
  • Few districts are competitive.
  • NY-20 D+14
  • NY-25 D+13
  • NY-26 D+18
  • NY-21 R+17
  • NY-23 R+23
  • NY-24 R+22

Rather than making most congressional elections more competitive, the new districts seem designed to preserve the minority party’s representation. NY-23 went from R+15 to R+23. The old map gave Republicans four safe seats in upstate NY with three up for grabs. The new map gives Republicans three safe seats in upstate NY with three closely matched.

The fivethirtyeight article allows one to compare the old and new districts.

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