What to discuss at Tom Reed’s townhall | New NY 23rd

Don’t think like an elephant.–George Lakoff

Tom Reed has announced a town hall at the American Legion Hall on Ithaca Rd. in Horseheads on Monday November 20 from 6-7 PM.

Avoid reinforcing Tom’s political advertising

Tom Reed wants nothing more than to discuss tax reform on his terms at his next townhall meeting. What are “his terms?” Look at his advertising.

Tax cuts and new jobs are popular; that’s why Tom’s advertising focuses on them. Whether individuals enjoy a tax cut of $1600 or some other amount is unimportant–the idea of tax cuts, whatever the amount, works for Tom Reed.

Likewise more and better jobs is an idea that Tom loves to discuss. Whether 63,357 jobs will be created or some other number is unimportant; what sells is the idea of better jobs. When constituents attack 63,357 as absurdly precise, ridiculously small, and unlikely as a consequence of corporate tax cuts, they reinforce Tom’s claim that he seeks to create jobs.

What should be discussed is better ideas. Here are some possibilities:

  • Larger tax cut for middle class taxpayers which would create jobs directly without reliance on “trickle down.”
  • Close corporate tax loopholes, which current proposals don’t do. It’s only fair.
  • Create jobs with investment in infrastructure, clean energy.
  • More funding for hospitals and clinics in NY-23.

Arguing with Tom on his terms is counterproductive; it only invigorates Tom’s supporters. Such arguments, especially from “lefties,” secure more support for Tom. At the Horseheads meeting, the cameras will likely be running; let’s not feed Tom’s advertising campaign.

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