Rep. Chris Jacobs pushes back | New NY 23rd

“As I have read more and learned more about it, it’s clear that this (replacement theory) is just a vile and disgusting conspiracy theory rooted in racism and antisemitism. In my mind, it has no place in this country.”— Rep. Chris Jacobs (R-NY)

Rep. Chris Jacobs works to reestablish his “conservative credentials” after saying he would support a ban on “assault weapons.”

I’m at the Southern border this am in the Rio Grande Valley Sector in McAllen, Texas. The first stop was a processing facility where agents stressed the policy decisions of the Biden administration are incentivizing illegal immigration and causing this crisis.

Next on our tour was a briefing on the status of current border infrastructure in this sector. The decision by the Biden administration to halt border wall construction has allowed cartels to take advantage of security vulnerabilities.

At a section of the wall built by President Trump to secure our nation. We’ve heard today many times his policies were highly effective at stopping illegal immigration. In contrast, Biden’s plan to end Title 42 would accelerate his already record-setting border crisis.

Just finished a briefing with Texas Department of Public Safety on Operation Lone Star – the state’s operation to counter illegal immigration and the illicit drug trade. Texas DPS alone is spending $2.5M a week on this operation because the admin has failed to secure the border.

Just now: House Budget Committee GOP went on a boat tour with state police to survey marine border security operations.

We visited a storage site where materials to build miles of border wall sit unused because Biden stopped construction. These materials are paid for and ready to be used but the President refuses to act to secure the border. Also here’s an aerial shot of this site. Millions of taxpayer dollars meant to support our national security being wasted by President Biden.

Rep. Jacobs currently represents NY-24. In a display of “musical chairs,” the GOP plans for him to run in NY-23 this year.

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