Non disclosure | New NY 23rd

Public employees can’t be gagged by private agreements. These so-called NDAs are unconstitutional and unenforceable.ACLU

Reportedly President DJT has required staff members to sign non disclosure agreements. Why would he do this? Perhaps he is worried that former staff members would make statements or write books critical of him or his administration. Government employees at every level are presumed to serve the public rather than any individual. They ought to be free to speak within the limits of the law.

The ACLU calls such agreements unconstitutional. While the ACLU statement wasn’t explicit, I suppose they find non disclosure agreements for public employees conflict with the first amendment.

President DJT is reportedly infuriated that advice given to him by staff regarding his call to Putin was leaked. If he can identify the culprit, no doubt he could fire that person. But once fired, they should be free to explain their motivation.

Some things need be kept secret, but secrecy laws and non disclosure agreement can’t be allowed to hide information that the public has a right and a need to know.

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