Immigration | New NY 23rd

For too long, the Human Rights Council has been a protector of human rights abusers.--Ambassador Haley


Linda Andrei:

  • DACA immediate citizenship
  • Refugee status clearly defined
  • Keep families together
  • Plan for migrant workers

Max Della Pia:

“Words cannot fully capture the stunning cruelty of the Trump Administration’s policy of separating children from their parents when they cross the border,” Della Pia said. “As a nation, we can disagree about the best policy to address the issue of immigration, but the basic humanity with which we treat those who arrive at our border cannot be up for debate.”

Ian Golden:

  • Support fair trade and labor practices
  • Prioritize sovereign nations and communities over corporations
  • Maintain and better guest worker program and visa program revisions
  • Create and maintain pathways to residency and citizenship
  • Maintain funding for proven border security measures

Tracy Mitrano:

This country was built by immigrants and continues to benefit from the skills and expertise immigrants bring to the U.S. I support immigration reform that provides undocumented people living in the district in good legal standing with a path towards citizenship. Farmers and wineries in this District depend on immigrant workers.

Eddie Sundquist:

As a second-generation American whose grandparents came through Ellis Island, I have seen firsthand why this country is a beacon for the world. We need to embrace the values of diversity and work to continue America’s tradition of being a melting pot for all.

Here in the New York 23rd, immigration drives our local economy. We rely on migrant workers to work on our farms, we have many immigrants working in our world-class universities, and our district was built by immigrants, including my own family.

We must be open to accepting new immigrants and cultures. It spurs our economy and creates innovation. It is never the right time to build walls and shut ourselves off. I support legislation to ensure our immigration policies are clear and simplify the visa process so our workers and immigrant populations are better able to support our district.

Let’s not forget about the half-million DACA recipients (DREAMers) we have in this country. These incredible people work, pay taxes, and improve our communities across the U.S. This nation is their home, and we need to allow them to stay and work toward a path to citizenship.

Note: Except for Max Della Pia, the information is from the candidates’ web site.

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