You can’t believe it | New NY 23rd

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising. –Mark Twain

Do we believe this? Can you add to my list?

  • I will build a wonderful wall, which won’t cost as much as they say.
  • Obama is the enemy; Putin could be our friend.
  • In a half hour, I can learn all I need to know about nuclear weapons.
  • We can negotiate deals which put America first; we just need to hang tough.
  • DJT is a good choice for President because he is disruptive.
  • Rescinding regulations, no matter which, will “make America great again.”
  • It’s not about religion; we only want to keep America safe.
  • The best guide to the Constitution is “original intent;” clearly the authors intended us to own machine guns.
  • Federal spending is bad, unless spent in my district
  • Government is better left to the States, but not if they seek to regulate firearms, fracking, or to protect residents from deportation.
  • Some scientists say “climate change is a hoax,” so that must be right.
  • Scalia was a model Supreme Court Justice; the Constitution told him to stop counting votes in Florida.
  • A few more American soldiers and a little more time will bring freedom and prosperity to other countries.
  • Mexicans are bad; make them pay.
  • Reporters are dishonest; you can’t believe what you read in the New York Times.
  • We don’t distrust public education, we only want to give students a choice.
  • We have a superior plan for health care; we will explain it real soon now.
  • We want to protect the environment; we only want to prevent EPA overreach.
  • We want to protect families; we only want to deport dangerous criminals.
  • We aren’t trying to keep people from voting; we only want to prevent fraud.
  • We want to “make it here, sell it there;” taxes on imported goods won’t be a problem.
  • Medicare and Social Security are unsustainable; cutting benefits is the only answer.
  • We want to protect women’s health, but we don’t want Planned Parenthood to do it.
  • Inexperienced administrators are the key to good government.

Are we a gullible people? It sure looks that way.

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