Rep. Langworthy vows to be “a serious legislator” | New NY 23rd

I think some of the people against him (McCarthy) are really looking for perfection when right now we need to really come together to solve the problems that our country faces.–Rep. Claudia Tenney

Now we move on to legislation: things that almost every voice in our conference will agree on.–Rep. Nick Langworthy

On Jan. 8th, in The Buffalo News, Jerry Zremski reports on newly elected Representatives Higgins, Langworth, and Tenney.

I ran for Congress to be a serious legislator and to fight back against this culture of doing things for the TV soundbite, Langworthy said.

He (Langworthy) said Republican lawmakers uniformly support an agenda that calls for repealing the funding for 70,000 new Internal Revenue Service agents, working toward energy independence, getting tough on China and bringing accountability to the Biden administration.

Here is Nick’s agenda:

  • repealing the funding for 70,000 new Internal Revenue Service agents
  • working toward energy independence
  • getting tough on China
  • bringing accountability to the Biden administration

These platitudes reflect partisan politics at its worst. The first item would hinder the IRS and delay processing of tax returns. The second is naive: with or without fracking, the vast majority of the worlds petroleum reserves aren’t in North America. The last two are too vague for consideration as stated. The Republican Conference may agree on these things as Nick maintains, but that doesn’t make them good ideas, important, or popular with the public.

You know, the next three months are going to be like the last three days, and that’s not good for the country,” Higgins said on Friday. “And when you compare that with what the last Congress was able to accomplish, it’s a stark difference. We had very, very significant legislative victories … But it doesn’t appear as though the Republican caucus is set up to be in any way effective, it’s going to be obstruction, obstruction, obstruction

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