Purges | New NY 23rd

We’re in no rush whatsoever. — DJT on prospective Korean denuclearization

Prior to 5 May 1968, Nixon spoke of seeking a “victorious peace” in Vietnam. But on that day, speaking in New Hampshire, the nation’s first primary state, he used the term “honorable peace” for the first time. 

“Face saving,” said to be important to Asians, seems equally important to American Presidents.

Kim Jong-un has reportedly again purged his government of political opponents. That’s interesting–while we don’t commonly use that word, Kim may have taken a cue from DJT.

American officials purged by the Trump Administration:





Some of those purged held important positions:

  • Michael Flynn –National Security Adviser
  • Rex Tillerson — Secretary of State
  • Jeff Sessions — Attorney General
  • James Mattis — Secretary of Defense
  • Michael Kelly — Chief of Staff

One reason the American President and the North Korean President are said to be friendly is that they have much in common, one notable thing being insecurity.


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