Gun Polls–Fake Polls or Usable Data

Is it time to talk gun safety yet? If so, here is a list of doable things: 1. Universal background checks (90% public support) 2. Ban assault weapons (57% public support) 3. Ban bump stocks (82% public support) 4. Close gun show loopholes (90% public support) 5. Stricter gun laws (64% public support)

Every American that cares more about life than guns, should NOT vote for any candidate that does not publicly support these positions.

I receive the above message on my Facebook page. I wished the writer would have given me the sources for those facts and when those polls were taken.  Without that information, and that other polls may show different results and that we keep hearing about “Fake News”, this information is almost worthless. I am not suggesting these figures are false, but I would not re-post it until I checked out all of the data.

Before I received te above  post, I found the following information from It was posted on October 3, 2017–just after the Las Vegas shooting.  Notice the chart has listed polls from 2016 and 2017, the question that was asked, and the results. The actual article has links for five of the six polls listed. Clink here to see the article, and be able to use the links. I believe this is usable data.

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