Can you believe it? | New NY 23rd

  • Dozens of high-level Trump Administration officials still working with temporary security clearances after one year.
  • Trump campaign still under investigation for collusion and obstruction with no end in sight.
  • Secrets made public for political purposes against the advice of intelligence agencies.
  • Trump appointees Sessions, Rosenstein, and others demeaned by President Trump.
  • President Trump won’t read briefings; insists on oral reports.
  • President Trump reportedly acts on information from TV news he favors.
  • President Trump stoops to trading insults with the North Korean dictator.
  • President Trump demands appointees put loyalty before duty.
  • President Trump still tweeting recklessly.
  • President Trump accuses Democrats of disloyalty for not applauding his remarks.
  • Trump Administration cites “alternative facts.”
  • Wars in Levant, Afghanistan recklessly reinvigorated.
  • Department of Justice attacking state laws, sanctuary cities.
  • ICE officers dragging people out of their homes for deportation.
  • President Trump’s public lies reportedly over a thousand in the first year.
  • Little or no action to prevent future Russian interference in our elections.
  • FBI attacked by the Trump Administration for partisan bias.
  • President Trump involved in sex scandal.
  • Ignoring emoluments clause, President Trump and family shamelessly profiting from public office.
  • President Trump failed to release tax return as promised.
  • Republicans pass budget busting tax cuts.
  • Republicans back budget busting budget.
  • President Trump still insisting on something he can call a wall.
  • Doomsday clock moved closer to midnight.

Readers, please add more astounding facts to the list.

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