A political contradiction | New NY 23rd

  • His relations with foreign leaders are suspect.
  • He fails to recognize that the Constitution limits his powers, but attacks Congress, judges, and courts.
  • His understanding of issues is sketchy, based on news reports rather than study or expert advice.
  • He cites “alternative facts,” some reflecting Russian propaganda.
  • He is out of step with past administrations, Democratic and Republican, on many issues–free trade, climate change, foreign relations.
  • His administration is rife with corruption.
  • He encourages divisiveness, racism, intolerance.
  • He enjoys the support of a significant fraction of us.
  • He threatens war and makes nice erratically.
  • He nominates judges, some to lifetime positions.
  • His administration fails to fill many important offices with little notice.
  • He appoints senior officials, often cronies and family members, with the consent, if not the advice, of Congress.
  • He has provoked the longest shutdown in history.
  • He has imposed tariffs on foreign goods disrupting the world economy.
  • He has used the military in questionable ways.
  • He quarrels with allies and makes nice with dictators.

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