Tim Scott | New NY 23rd

Tim Scott was raised in North Charleston, South Carolina in a poor, single-parent household by his mama, Frances Scott. Despite the challenging circumstances Frances faced raising her boys on her own, she instilled in each of them what it meant to find dignity in work, and the power that faith in God can have on your life.

I was actually in there (on Jan 6th), so I know exactly how historic it was. But what I will say is simply this, that the future that America is focusing on is what I’m gonna provide, I’m gonna continue to talk about those conservative principles that move this country forward with the best path for all of us.–Tim Scott

Border security is national security. If we want to prevent deadly drugs like fentanyl from infiltrating our communities, we need to stop the illegal immigrants who bring them across our borders. The cartels won’t stop pumping drugs and violence into American communities until we stop them, either with a strong border wall or by military force. Biden’s failure to address the crisis at our southern border has turned every county in America into a border county.

I have lived the truth that education is the closest thing to magic in America. But today, the far left has us retreating away from excellence in our schools. Extreme liberals are letting Big Labor bosses trap millions of kids in failing systems. They’re replacing education with indoctrination.

Under Joe Biden, we have become a nation in retreat. Retreating from religious liberty and the worship of God himself. I will preserve one nation, Under God, indivisible — where we honor our Creator and respect every innocent life.

Conservatism is the home of common sense. The radical Left has tried its best to remove faith, patriotism, and religious liberty from our society, but we won’t back down. It’s time for new conservative leadership to bring Americans together with faith: Faith in God, faith in each other, and faith in America.

Security starts on our borders, but it doesn’t end there. The Chinese Communist Party’s goal is not just to surpass us. It is to beat us. As President, I will rebuild a military so lethal and powerful that our adversaries will fear us and our allies will respect us.

In Biden’s America, crime is on the rise and law enforcement is in retreat. The far left is ending cash bail. They’re demonizing, demoralizing, and de-funding the police. I grew up in neighborhoods alongside people who ended up incarcerated or in a cemetery. We needed more public safety, not less!

I am living proof that America is the land of opportunity, not a land of oppression. The circumstances may be different, the details may change, but every one of us is here because of an American journey where there were obstacles that became opportunities.

Scott is a personable candidate, but his divisive political views, long on generalities and short on specifics, are straight from the far-right Republican playbook.

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