Do we crave circuses? | New NY 23rd

The government you elect is the government you deserve.— Thomas Jefferson

Do we want no more than circuses from our government? It seems so. Why else would we elect clowns as our representatives–you know who some of them are. Why do we tolerate political theater: divisive bills doomed to fail, investigations with no other purpose than partisan posturing, finger pointing, name calling, and stonewalling?

Why would we choose a movie actor or a TV personality with no experience in government as President? Did their political perspectives even matter?

Who do politicians endorse silly ideas: tax cuts increase revenue, debt ceiling restricts spending, government spending is bad regardless of it’s purpose, tax cuts for the rich benefit us all?

Why do so few representatives have vital education and experience–diplomats, doctors, scientists, historians, economists (there are probably enough lawyers)? Too many of our representatives have experience only as political operators. Is it still possible to elect someone like Daniel Patrick Moynihan (degree in Sociology, PhD in History) or Amo Houghton (Harvard MBA) to Congress?

We have the government we voted for.

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