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Welfare reform or retrenchment?

And so things like drug testing, things like work requirements —  strengthening them as these programs go forward. –Tom Reed Tom Reed says he “and the House Ways and Means Committee passed three bipartisan welfare reform bills last week.” I … Continue reading

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What in the World is Cloward-Piven?

When references are made to Cloward-Piven, the impression frequently is that these two academic Sociologists are today’s equivalent of Marx and Engels. The controversy comes from an article published in The Nation in 1966, The Weight of the Poor: A … Continue reading

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Reed’s Comments Misinforms Us on SNAP Work Requirements

Rep. Reed You have recently supported bills that puts the burden of the economy on the backs to the most needy, the reduction of the SNAP funds, the reduction of funds for pre-school education and the proposed HR 3434 which … Continue reading

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Cut Entitlements–OR–Cut Loop Holes? What Will Congress Do?

“But the biggest problem we have at the moment is spending and debt. That’s going to dominate the Congress between now and the end of March.  None of these issues, I think, will have the kind of priority that spending … Continue reading

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