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Kicking the ’12 Farm Bill into ’14 will waste $5 Billion; Reed still promotes redundant work requirements

Yesterday, December 12, the House of Representatives voted to extend last years’ Farm Bill extension to January 31, 2014. After they passed the extension to the extension, they left Washington until January 7. They are scheduled to work eleven days … Continue reading

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Congress–Few Work Days and Little Accompished

On last night’s program on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow pointed out the House of Representatives are scheduled to work 19 more days this calendar year. As usual, her presentation was well researched; she connected many different dots to explain the ramifications … Continue reading

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Can the Farm Bill Survive Rep. Reed & the Tea Party’s Reduced Funding?

October 1 was full of news about two major events, the government shutdown and the open enrollment for the Obamacare Exchanges.  Another major event got lost in the Shutdown/Obamacare news blitz–The Farm Bill expired. The Farm Bill expiring is a … Continue reading

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A Farm Bill That Serves the Needs of Our Community

Like most politicians, Rep. Reed releases information that puts himself in the most favorable light possible. Notice the opening statement that was in his July 12 newsletter: “Congress was back in Session this week with a lot on its plate. … Continue reading

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Farm Bill–Confusion and Politics

The most recent Farm Bill (Federal Agriculture Reform and risk Management Act of 2013) which was narrowly passed in the House has caused some confusion. Compare the Bill’s headlines to what Rep. Reed said in his Press Release. Headlines: House … Continue reading

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Farm Bill Background (from House Republican Conference)

I am posting this ‘background’ of the recently defeated Farm Bill (H.R. 1947) so readers can have a better understanding of the history of the Farm Bill, and its programs. It was on the House Republican Conference website. The Democrats … Continue reading

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No New Farm Bill? Get Your Milk Shakes Now!

The 2008 Farm Bill will expire at Midnight Monday, December 31. If it does expect higher prices for the food we eat. We will first see the increase in the price of dairy products. Milk prices could double! The longer … Continue reading

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