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How the GOP Christmas Tax bill will affect us:

Crowd Leader: I can’t be distracted by $1,600! And I sure as hell can not be bought for $1,600! Will you be bought for $1,600? Crowd: (Shouting) NO! Rep. Reed’s Facebook response: Last night a group of extreme arrogant liberals … Continue reading

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Minimum Wage Increase and Non-Profits

New York State’s Minimum Wage is set to increase as of December 31. For the NY 23rd and other upstate communities, that means it will go from $9/hr to $9.70/hr (or for a 40 hour work week from $18,750 to … Continue reading

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Trump’s Tax Plan: Single Parents w/Dependents will lose major benefit!

The Head of Household tax filing status lowers the tax rate of unmarried individuals with dependents. The dependents could be their under-age children, adult children with disabilities, or elder parents. Twenty-two million Americans used the Head of Household status in 2014. According to the IRS, … Continue reading

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