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Reed still backs Trump

This article was submitted for publication by the author, Cath Kestler, resident of Silver Creek. The Trump train is roaring down the tracks and one of the first Republicans to join the conductor and get his ticket punched is—you guessed it, … Continue reading

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Reed represented Trump at Economic Equality event

Deb Meeker’s recent article asked What does a Presidential campaign co-chair do? One thing Rep. Tom Reed has done for Candidate Trump was to speak at a Mississippi Delta Grassroots Caucus and Economic Equality Coalition event, explaining his support for Trump. This was May 11. … Continue reading

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Plumb reacts to Reed’s meeting with Trump

News release from John Plumb’s Campaign for to represent the NY23rd Congressional District JAMESTOWN—Fourth generation Western New Yorker, Navy Reserve Commander, and Democratic candidate for Congress John Plumb today responded to news of a Washington, DC meeting between GOP Presidential … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed’s Changing Stance on Refugees

A chameleon is a lizard that has the ability to change color in order to survive. Political chameleons change their opinions or behavior according to the situation. Rep. Reed has changed his opinion on the issue of Syrian Refugees at least three times since the ISIS lead attacks on Paris … Continue reading

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