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Reed Refuses Ithaca Town Hall Invitation

The Ithaca Voice newspaper has offered to sponsor a Town Hall that would be lived-streamed. Rep. Reed’s communication director rejected the offer, citing that they have planned to be in Tompkins County “in the spring”, and that Reed does not … Continue reading

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An unexpected wrinkle in our Congressional Race

This week’s announcement that Rep. Tom Reed is being challenged for his congressional seat to represent the NY23rd by another Republican throws another wrinkle in to the political scene this year. The announcement by Gary Perry of Waverly was unexpected, … Continue reading

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Far-right Republicans in denial

Moderate Republicans are resurgent; right-leaning Republicans are in denial. There are more Republican moderates in Congress than before. Speaker Boehner’s position is stronger than ever. No far-right members will serve as committee chairs. Tea Party influence is waning. The GOP … Continue reading

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Conservatives ought to stay home this November

But it’s liberal incumbent Hanna (Malkin might as well have named Tom Reed) and his D.C. backers who are the elitists out of touch not only with GOP voters, but also with mainstream Americans. — Michelle Malkin What’s the difference between Tom … Continue reading

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Tom Reed’s party

Is Tom Reed a liberal Republican, or is his true allegiance to the tea party. It is hard to tell; his spokesperson insists that he is unaffiliated with any tea party groups. However the tea party group, Americans United for … Continue reading

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Export Import Bank, Part 2

Has the tea party wing of the GOP found a new bugaboo: crony capitalism. In an article titled “Long-building conservative anger at Export-Import Bank reaches boiling point,” authors  Zachary Goldfarb and Holly Yeager write: What began as a pet issue for a handful … Continue reading

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Can third parties be anything but spoilers?

Can third parties play a positive role in American Government?  The Green Party has recently been used fraudulently right here in NY-23 (and elsewhere) as a spoiler. Reportedly, the Working Families Party which often supports Democrats, miffed by Governor Cuomo, … Continue reading

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Trey Gowdy

Harold Watson “Trey” Gowdy III (R-SC represents South Carolina’s 4th congression district. He was elected in 2011. About himself, Gowdy writes: Representing South Carolina’s 4th District, Trey Gowdy entered Congress with a resolute commitment to the conservative principles that have … Continue reading

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Wackos and RINOs–an odd couple

The GOP is locked in an unhappy union between Wackos and RINOs, libertarians and moderates. The might have split up years ago but stay together for sake of political power–the power of NO. The two groups have little in common. Wackos … Continue reading

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Will Boehner Let the House Debate Unemployment Extensions?

The Senate failed to approve a three month extension of unemployment insurance for the 1.4 million whose benefits expired on December 28. The vote was 55 for extending the the payments, 45 vote against it. It needed 60 votes to … Continue reading

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