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Mental Illness, Background Checks, and Social Security

President Obama, according to a July 18 Los Angeles Times article, is pushing to extend gun background checks to Social Security. The article describes the  National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) which was mandated by the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act … Continue reading

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Social Security Questions, Comments, and Accusations at the Big Flats Town Hall Meeting

 A 2014 CBS News Poll asked the following question: “Overall, do you think the benefits from Social Security are worth the cost of the program for taxpayers, or are they not worth the cost?” Worth it–73%      Not worth it–21% … Continue reading

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How easily we are fooled

We cannot compromise the fundamental, constitutionally guaranteed liberties of the American people in the name of national security. After carefully considering this legislation, I believe that this is the starting place to address the injustices that have been levied against … Continue reading

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Saving Social Security

I have many good friends who are retired and many good friends who receive Social Security disability benefits. I am concerned that my good friends might lose their benefits because Social Security is nearly broke, flat, busted, bankrupt. That is … Continue reading

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Portland townhall meeting Feb. 21, 2015

Last week I held five town hall meetings covering issues related to property rights and ISIS. I always look forward to hearing from the people of the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes. Know I am taking your thoughts and suggestions … Continue reading

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Get Politically Active: LTE: Rep. Reed’s Social Security Proposal

“Get Politically Active”  is an occasional entry that contains a document on a current political issue.  It will be one page long and easy to copy. Consider emailing this to contacts who might be interested in this topic.  Someone may even want to … Continue reading

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Boliver Town Hall : Reed outlines federal government challenges for 2015

The Olean Times Herald reported about Rep. Reed’s Town Hall Meeting in Boliver. Here are the highlights: over riding any Presidential Veto, the Keystone XL Pipeline, Property Owner Rights and said “the decision to ban oil and gas drilling is … Continue reading

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