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Election to the Senate

Louis C. Wyman (R–New Hampshire) was declared the victor of the US Senate contest in 1974 in New Hampshire by a narrow margin on Election Day (355 votes). A first recount gave the election instead to John A. Durkin (D–New Hampshire) by ten votes, but … Continue reading

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Would a larger House be fairer?

Steve Vladeck proposes a good government reform–more members in the House. At first glance this idea seemed inconsequential to me; a legislative body with 435 members is large enough already that members may never learn each others names,  but after … Continue reading

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Do Republicans control the government?

If Republicans control the government, why can’t they enact legislation? This question is often asked. The government entities involved are the House, Senate, and Executive Branch (the courts are supposedly nonpartisan). Republicans have majorities in House and Senate, which gives … Continue reading

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Republicans, Barack Obama, and Woodrow Wilson

Back home – shades of Obama – Wilson’s Republican opponents plotted to destroy whatever peace treaty he brought back. About Iran, Rep. Michael Capuano (D-MA) wrote on March 13, 2015 The news that 47 Republican Senators wrote to Iran’s leader, inserting … Continue reading

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A Farm Bill That Serves the Needs of Our Community

Like most politicians, Rep. Reed releases information that puts himself in the most favorable light possible. Notice the opening statement that was in his July 12 newsletter: “Congress was back in Session this week with a lot on its plate. … Continue reading

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Farm Bill–Confusion and Politics

The most recent Farm Bill (Federal Agriculture Reform and risk Management Act of 2013) which was narrowly passed in the House has caused some confusion. Compare the Bill’s headlines to what Rep. Reed said in his Press Release. Headlines: House … Continue reading

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