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Rep. Tom Reed lies about John Plumb, again

The Yates County SCOPE (Shooter’s Committee On Political Education) organization has held  a Pig Roast fund raiser since 2002. This year’s event was held on Saturday, August 27. It is a must attend event for every candidate who wants to … Continue reading

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Guns against government?

Do people have a right to resist officers with arms? Of course not, so it is surprising to see frequent claims to the contrary. If there ever was a question, it was settled by the Whiskey Rebellion of 1791 when … Continue reading

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What Do We Do If We Don’t Like A Law?

According to SCOPE we ignore it. And we encourage others to ignore it. “We believe the law is unconstitutional and therefore there is no duty to obey an unconstitutional law.” Chris Edes, Chair of  the Monroe County Chapter of SCOPE,. Edes … Continue reading

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Republicans Love the SAFE Act and Really Do Not Want it Repealed!

“People react to fear, not love.” —Richard M. Nixon Remember the Safe Act? From the day the SAFE Act was passed  New York State Republicans realized it was a great gift from Governor Cuomo. They quickly seized the opportunity to use … Continue reading

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Repeal the SAFE Act–More Hype than Bite?

The Anti-SAFE Act groups have a single battle dry– “Repeal The SAFE Act”. We can see those signs almost everywhere. In New York State the method to repeal a law is just to pass another law to replace the unwanted … Continue reading

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