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Wither the Republican Party

Contributed by Arthur Ahrens of Branchport I am as surprised and upset as everyone else. And looking deeper, I am become even more upset. On the theory that misery loves company, I offer the following: Trump has received at least … Continue reading

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Nay votes by Republicans on Dec. 1st and 2nd

These NO votes by Republicans were cast on Dec. 1st and 2nd. One wonders if those who voted NO objected to the specific bill or were signalling general dissatisfaction. All three bills passed easily; no Democrat voted NO. These three … Continue reading

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The Republicans Are In A Pickle, Again.

This week the Supreme Court heard arguments on the Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA), a federal law that denies federal benefits to legally married same sex couples. The conflict is that  DOMA defines that marriage has to be between a … Continue reading

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