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Safe Act, Fracking Ban, and now Common Core

Remember the SAFE Act? In one context it can be seen as the controversial New York State law that unified many Upstaters to protect their rights to own a firearm. Many angry New Yorkers were convinced that the State Government overstepped … Continue reading

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Republicans Love the SAFE Act and Really Do Not Want it Repealed!

“People react to fear, not love.” —Richard M. Nixon Remember the Safe Act? From the day the SAFE Act was passed  New York State Republicans realized it was a great gift from Governor Cuomo. They quickly seized the opportunity to use … Continue reading

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Martha Robertson Opposes the SAFE Act

Martha Robertson opposes the NYS SAFE Act. After listening to more than 10 hours of public opinion at two Tompkins County Legislature Meeting and two Public Safety Committee Meetings, she voted AGAINST a Resolution that supported the Act. In an article published … Continue reading

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SAFE Act, Fracking, and the NY 23’s Primary Results

Andrew Cuomo defeated Zephyr Teachout  in Tuesday’s Democratic Gubernatorial Primary. Was anyone surprised? Cuomo had all the important factors: Name recognition, a large war-chest, and a legislative record that most Democrats approve of, such as: marriage equality, reducing middle class income … Continue reading

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Repeal the SAFE Act–More Hype than Bite?

The Anti-SAFE Act groups have a single battle dry– “Repeal The SAFE Act”. We can see those signs almost everywhere. In New York State the method to repeal a law is just to pass another law to replace the unwanted … Continue reading

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