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Rep. Reed’s 2015 Agenda

The Hornell Evening News, in their December 10 issue, had an article about Rep. Tom Reed’s 2015 “Agenda”—what he wants to focus his efforts on to benefit his constituents in the NY 23rd. His four items on his agenda are: Social Security … Continue reading

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Dear Governor Cuomo,

Dear Governor Cuomo, I wish to commend you for your fine efforts in slowing the advance of hydrofracting for natural gas in the New York State Finger Lakes. I am pleased that you are taking the time to thoroughly evaluate … Continue reading

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Renewable Energy–We Need A Long Term Plan!

Natural sunlight has the greatest potential of any energy source to solve the world’s energy problem of peaking fossil fuels and climate change.  In one hour enough sunlight strikes the Earth to provide the entire world’s energy needs for one … Continue reading

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