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Why say liberal with a sneer?

The root meaning of liberal from Latin “liber” is “free.” It is related to liberty, liberation and learning. Many founding fathers were liberals; Madison and Jefferson rejected monarchy; they envisioned a government for a free people with liberty and justice … Continue reading

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Whoa, this ‘progressive liberal Democrat’ likes guns, owned them.

The following letter was published in the Finger Lakes Times on December 16. It is a response to an earlier letter (follow the link) that paints liberals as those who “hate the police and embrace criminals. They, in general, hate … Continue reading

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Tom Reed on Taxes

With April fifteenth right around the corner, the taxpayers in the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes do not need a reminder it is tax season. Under the current tax code no one is being treated fairly. That is why I … Continue reading

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“An Unlikely Truth”: A Novel, A Philosophy & A Strategy

An Unlikely Truth by John Rachel “An Unlikely Truth” ((Literary Vagabond Books, 2014) is a political novel that might be of interest to readers of a political blog like the New NY 23rd. It is more than entertainment; it promotes the author’s progressive philosophy and … Continue reading

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