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Ought we all register as Republicans?

I’m going to register as a Republican and tell all my friends to do so too. For people living in the 23rd district who read my blog, I recommend that we all register as Republicans. Why not register as Democrats … Continue reading

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Cruz in Binghamton

A Republican nominee should “lose the primary to win the general without violating your principles.”–Jeb Bush In Binghamton, Ted Cruz, asked about his negative view of New Yorkers, said that he meant only “liberal Democrats who are intolerant to the … Continue reading

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What Time Will You VOTE Tuesday?

Tomorrow—Tuesday, September 9, is the New York State Primary Election. An earlier New NY23rd article “NYS Primary Candidate Information”  summarized information about the three candidates for Governor, and the two candidates for Lt. Governor. It has links to articles about … Continue reading

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Petitions–A way to get involved in the political process

Don’t be surprised if you will be asked to sign a petition for Martha Robertson (if you are a registered democrat) or Tom Reed (if you are a registered republican) between now and the end of March.  Their campaigns need … Continue reading

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Primary Games

According to CBS News, “Republican leaders, forced to regroup after losing another race for the White House, voted to significantly shortening the lengthy, bruising state-by-state process that will select the party’s presidential nominee for the 2016 election.”  This seems like … Continue reading

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