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Special interests in education

I think an educational dollar going to a school resource officer would be a good use of an educational dollar.–Tom Reed at Enfield as reported by Matt Steecker in the Elmira Star-Gazette Earlier today, I had the pleasure of speaking … Continue reading

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Vote them out

If they have an A rating from the NRA, they don’t represent us. Vote them out. We need representatives who will support reasonable gun control measures to protect lives, especially the lives of children. Enough!

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GOP’s (& Rep Reed’s) opposition to Obama’s Actions to Reduce Gun Violence

On January 5 our President announced his Presidential Actions to reduce Gun Violence. Early that morning, before Obama detailed his Actions, NPR Radio Station WBFO from Buffalo posted Rep.Reed’s comments condemning them.  The WBFO article includes an audio clip of  Reed’s comments … Continue reading

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Republicans Love the SAFE Act and Really Do Not Want it Repealed!

“People react to fear, not love.” —Richard M. Nixon Remember the Safe Act? From the day the SAFE Act was passed  New York State Republicans realized it was a great gift from Governor Cuomo. They quickly seized the opportunity to use … Continue reading

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The Politics of Climate Change

This week’s edition of the radio program, “The American Life”, is titled “Hot In My Backyard”. It looks at Politics of Climate Change. If you listened to it you would have heard about controversial scientific facts and figures, but they … Continue reading

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From the Jamestown Post-Journal: Hunters Are Silenced In Gun Debate

The following is an editorial published in the Jamestown Post-Journal on February 7, 2013. As of today (2/21/13) there has been 141 comments about it published in the Post-Journal. Click here to read those comments. Throughout Chautauqua County, there are … Continue reading

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Changed Views About Violence Will Come From Grass Roots

The follow is a copy of a letter published recently in the (Dundee) Observer, Finger Lakes Times, and most recently (1/30/13) in The (Penn Yan) Chronicle Express. It is reprinted here with permission of  author Jack Wilbert of Dundee. Jack … Continue reading

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Obama’s Executive Orders–What Are They & Should We Fear Them?

Our Government is made up of three branches, the executive, the legislative, and the judicial. The legislative branch makes the laws, the executive branch enforces the law, and the judicial sees if the laws are legal. The legislative branch is … Continue reading

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Snow Shovelers Threatened With A 9 MM Handgun

There was a gun related news story that that most people might not have seen. It was in last Friday’s (12/28/12) Finger Lakes Times. On Thursday a 72-year-old threatened two men with a 9 mm handgun. The two were clearing … Continue reading

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Yates SCOPE: NRA Supports Background Checks

At Rep. Reed’s Town Hall Meeting in Penn Yan on Saturday (Dec. 15), there was a brief, but important dialogue between two constituents, one who is a grandmother and a former teacher; the other, the Yates County Chairman of SCOPE … Continue reading

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