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Problem solvers

I read a sunny article in “The Hill” about problem solvers. Here are some excerpts with my comments: Author Margaret White, executive director of No Labels, writes: Recently, several bills have been expedited under the new “290” or “consensus calendar” … Continue reading

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Rep. Mark Pocan on No Labels

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) on “No Labels” (I think we already knew.) No Labels is slick, and I got duped. But no other current or newly elected member of Congress should fall for its shtick. No Labels is a centrist, … Continue reading

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Tom Reed wants to “do stuff.”

A lot of us came here to do stuff.–Tom Reed Fred Hiatt wrote about No Labels in The Washington Post on June 29, 2015 Hiatt writes: Its (No Labels) version of a platform is a “national strategic agenda” of four … Continue reading

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No Labels National Strategic Agenda

The issues that unite us are far greater than those that divide us and we’re proud to join with No Labels as part of our effort to highlight those uniting issues. I care about the big issues we face as … Continue reading

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Is Tom Reed an Opportunist?

We must aggressively pursue an agenda of opportunity. — Rep. Tom Reed An opportunist exploits circumstances to gain immediate advantage rather than following consistent principles or plans. Is Tom an opportunist? Let’s see: Tom says the deficit is a priority, but … Continue reading

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A “No Labels/New Whig” Third Party?

This article was written by New NY 23rd reader, Deb Meeker. Many believe that the present two (major) parties offer little choice, and have created what seems to be an impossible ineffective divide. A third-party, if begun, should in my … Continue reading

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