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Reed and Robertson on minimum wage

The following is from interviews conducted by Ray Finger published in the Elmira Star Gazette. Q: Would you favor or oppose an increase in the federal minimum wage? A: “I think this is better suited at the state level, first … Continue reading

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How to turn the economy around according to Charles Koch

Yeah, we want hope and change, but we want people to have the hope that they can advance on their own merits, rather than the hope that somebody gives them something.–Charles Koch   A guest editorial by Charles Koch which … Continue reading

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Martha, Millionaires, & Unions Agree—Increase the Minimum Wage

The combination of  Reaganomics’ Trickle Down’ theory, the “Don’t Tax The Job Creators” mantra, and the concept that increasing the minimum wage results in fewer jobs, has convinced many of us to think  that vast income differences between classes are normal and necessary.  The … Continue reading

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Just the facts, nothing but the facts

Any clod can have the facts, but having opinions is an art. — Charles McCabe Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please — Mark Twain We are urged, by “No Labels” for … Continue reading

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“An Unlikely Truth”: A Novel, A Philosophy & A Strategy

An Unlikely Truth by John Rachel “An Unlikely Truth” ((Literary Vagabond Books, 2014) is a political novel that might be of interest to readers of a political blog like the New NY 23rd. It is more than entertainment; it promotes the author’s progressive philosophy and … Continue reading

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Katherine Parker’s snide insinuations

In a column titled “Democrats get desperate ahead of Nov. elections,” which appeared in the Elmira Star Gazette on April 7, Kathleen Parker, known for her snide (slyly malicious, derisive) opinions, outdoes herself. Her target is Democrats and efforts to … Continue reading

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