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Saudi Arabia attacked Part II

An earlier article discussed the many unknown and suspicious reports about the attack on Abqaiq. Now in an Aljazeera article by Maysam Behravish I read: Israeli air raids on Iranian-backed forces in Lebanon, Iraq and Syria may have spawned oil … Continue reading

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Trump in Saudi Arabia

But let’s be clear about what the speech really was: A sop, soaked in platitudes, to the Saudi agenda in the Middle East.–Ishaan Tharoor Trump’s performance in Saudi Arabia reflects a U-turn in U.S. Foreign policy. Does this reflect State Department … Continue reading

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Reed puts the cart before the horse

Tom Reed writes: Tom Reed continued to raise the alarm on Iranian aggression and took a stand against the rogue state by supporting two pieces of legislation that would continue sanctions, protecting the American people. “We care about keeping Americans … Continue reading

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Geneva Listening Session on Syria

I was at the Rep. Reed’s “Listening Meeting” in Geneva on Tuesday afternoon. I counted around 30 people in the crowd. Reed started the session by praising President Obama for requesting that Congress weigh-in on his decision of having limited … Continue reading

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Renewable Energy–We Need A Long Term Plan!

Natural sunlight has the greatest potential of any energy source to solve the world’s energy problem of peaking fossil fuels and climate change.  In one hour enough sunlight strikes the Earth to provide the entire world’s energy needs for one … Continue reading

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