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The GOP bungles every opportunity

Whenever the GOP gains power, they botch it. Consider recent history: GWB responds to the events of 9/11 by starting two disastrous wars. In 2012, they nominate Akin and Mourdock for the Senate. The Senate votes a compromise on immigration, … Continue reading

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Reed on Trump

… let’s not come to a predetermined conclusion that the president is somehow engaged in this (collusion with Russia) nefarious activity…”–Tom Reed With “predetermined,” Tom suggests that people are jumping to conclusions. That is hardly the case–we have Trump’s own … Continue reading

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Sally Yates, an American Hero

Reportedly, then President Obama told President-elect Trump to avoid appointing Michael Flynn to an office. Trump did so anyway; it is not generally known why. Did Trump not pay attention? Did he forget? Did he not care? Was he being … Continue reading

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