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Keeping Up the Pressure

We all know about that the American Health Care Act was passed by House of Representatives yesterday. The AHCA was basically he same bill that Speaker Paul Ryan couldn’t get approval for in March. The sticking point there was the … Continue reading

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GOP’s (& Rep Reed’s) opposition to Obama’s Actions to Reduce Gun Violence

On January 5 our President announced his Presidential Actions to reduce Gun Violence. Early that morning, before Obama detailed his Actions, NPR Radio Station WBFO from Buffalo posted Rep.Reed’s comments condemning them.  The WBFO article includes an audio clip of  Reed’s comments … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed & Mental Health–Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Three days after the Charleston Church slayings, Rep. Tom Reed held town hall meetings in Ithaca, Geneva, and Branchport (Town of Jerusalem in Yates County). In Geneva, Reed spoke briefly on the shootings when he was asked the following question: … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed Reminds Hunters That He Supports The 2nd Amendment

At the end of March, Allegany County Sheriff Rick Whitney held an informational meeting on the New York State SAFE Act. The meeting was open to members of the Wellsville Rod and Gun Club, the Allegany County Federation of Sportsmen … Continue reading

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Obama’s Executive Orders–What Are They & Should We Fear Them?

Our Government is made up of three branches, the executive, the legislative, and the judicial. The legislative branch makes the laws, the executive branch enforces the law, and the judicial sees if the laws are legal. The legislative branch is … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed, “I believe in…”

Brenda responded to the previous post with, “That’s his answer to everything…I believe in…” I have heard that from many, when you write him, when you go to the town hall meetings, he’ll listen and then he’ll tell you what he … Continue reading

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