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AHCA affects the NY23rd–Two Rick Miller articles

Two articles by Rick Miller, one in the Olean Times Hearld and one in the Salamanca Press, both dated June 28, caught my eye. The Salamanca Press article was a summary of Reed’s Monday conference call with district reporters.  You can … Continue reading

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Reed in Hinsdale

I could be wrong, but when we said the Pledge of Allegiance I believe that the last seven words, “indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” were said a little bit slower, and a little bit louder than the rest. photo … Continue reading

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Keeping Up the Pressure

We all know about that the American Health Care Act was passed by House of Representatives yesterday. The AHCA was basically he same bill that Speaker Paul Ryan couldn’t get approval for in March. The sticking point there was the … Continue reading

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An Angry, Frustrated Constituent, Part 1

The following is a transcript from a videotape of Rep. Tom Reed’s (R, NY-23) Town Hall meeting held on May 11, 2013 in Manchester (Ontario County). The woman was angry and frustrated with life events that she no control over. … Continue reading

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What Do You Know About Entitlements?–A Quiz

Entitlements–we have our own ideas about them. They play an important part of many people’s lives. Some feel that they are the reason for the fiscal troubles we’re in today; others feel that they are investments in America’s middle class. … Continue reading

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Cut Entitlements–OR–Cut Loop Holes? What Will Congress Do?

“But the biggest problem we have at the moment is spending and debt. That’s going to dominate the Congress between now and the end of March.  None of these issues, I think, will have the kind of priority that spending … Continue reading

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