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Why say liberal with a sneer?

The root meaning of liberal from Latin “liber” is “free.” It is related to liberty, liberation and learning. Many founding fathers were liberals; Madison and Jefferson rejected monarchy; they envisioned a government for a free people with liberty and justice … Continue reading

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Is there a “golden mean” between extremes in politics?

  One might … conjecture that there is a limiting situation of some sort, a “boundary” with all convergent series on one side, all divergent series on the other side–at least as far as series with monotonic coefficients are concerned. … Continue reading

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An Odd Couple

Joseph Kennedy III and Tom Reed are an odd couple–Kennedy is a Liberal Democrat from Boston, while Reed is a Conservative Republican from a largely rural district in western NY. It seems unlikely that they would agree on anything, yet … Continue reading

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Rep. Tom Reed–more and more liberal and progressive

For some reason, Tom Reed has stopped talking about bankruptcy, debt, spending, offsets, and cuts to social programs. His views grow more and more liberal day by day. Who would have guessed it? What next; will he soon start refusing … Continue reading

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