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The Republican Tax dilemma

Republicans are ‘never’ going to repeal Obamacare.–John Boehner, Jul 25, 2017  Republicans have talked tax reform for years, but still can’t agree on how. They want to cut taxes for wealthy individuals and corporations, but they can’t do that without busting … Continue reading

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Republicans voting against John Boehner for Speaker

Republicans said to be voting against John Boehner for Speaker: Dave Brat Marlin Stutzman Curt Clawson Randy Weber Justin Amash Jeff Duncan Tim Huelskamp Mark Meadows Paul Gosar Thomas Massie Jim Bridenstein Steve King This list is not complete; Reportedly, … Continue reading

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Far-right Republicans in denial

Moderate Republicans are resurgent; right-leaning Republicans are in denial. There are more Republican moderates in Congress than before. Speaker Boehner’s position is stronger than ever. No far-right members will serve as committee chairs. Tea Party influence is waning. The GOP … Continue reading

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What is Rep. Reed’s Position on ENDA?

An article in the November 4th  Buffalo News focused on former Buffalo Congressman Thomas M. Reynolds’  changing stance on Gay-Rights Issues. In 2007 Reynolds “voted against the Employee Non-Discrimination Act, or ENDA, which would ban workplace discrimination against people who … Continue reading

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Tea Party Congressman Tom Reed digs in his heels on default.

The following article was provided by the Robertson For Congress campaign. Robertson calls on Reed to abandon his reckless and irresponsible Tea Party demands that will continue the shutdown and force the federal government to default.  As more and more Republicans have … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed’s Town Hall Meetings on October 12

This Saturday, October 12,  our congressman, Rep. Tom Reed will hold four Town Hall Meetings. He will be in Elmira (Southport Town Hall, 1139 Pennsylvania Avenue, Elmira) at 8 AM, Bath (Bath Village Hall, 110 Liberty Street, Bath) at 10:15, Jerusalem … Continue reading

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Congressman Reed Scrambles to Cover His Tracks

Why Congressman Tom Reed’s Political Scheme Won’t Stop the Shutdown He Voted For  Congressman Tom Reed is scrambling to cover his tracks today after he voted for a measure last week that now has the country hurtling toward a government … Continue reading

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Calm Before The Storm #3: The Debt Ceiling & Shutting Down The Government

The rumors swirling around Washington is the House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is going to cancel the House’s (hard earned?) September Vacation, from Monday, September 25 to Friday, September 27! Why? It is NOT because he wants to have meetings … Continue reading

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The Calm Before The Storm #1: The Federal Budget

The House Republicans are getting ready to celebrate their lack of accomplishments as important deadlines are on the calendar for September. They have nine legislative working days before the new fiscal year takes over October 1. In those nine days, … Continue reading

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Leaders Of The PACs Control the House Agenda

An interesting series of events happened in the House of Representatives this week that many may have missed. The Republican sponsored  “Helping Sick American Act” (H.R. 1549) never made it to the floor for a vote. It’s story illustrates some … Continue reading

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