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Hero-worship of police is failing us

Isabelle Leyva and Simon McCormack, authors of an article for The New York Civil Liberties Union, ask “Does adding more police deliver results?” They write: In our shows, movies, and novels, they are our heroes in blue. To elected officials, they … Continue reading

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Three Candidates on the Issues — Health Care

Andrew McCarthy: Big pharma’s predatory practices have left our nation sicker and poorer than ever before. Costs are going up, life expectancy is going down, enough is enough. Solutions like price transparency, disruptive innovation, cheaper and more readily available generic … Continue reading

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Keeping Up the Pressure

We all know about that the American Health Care Act was passed by House of Representatives yesterday. The AHCA was basically he same bill that Speaker Paul Ryan couldn’t get approval for in March. The sticking point there was the … Continue reading

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Tax Reform Soon? GOP needs to repeal ACA first.

April 18, 2017  “Our tax reform and our tax plan is coming along very well. It will out very soon. We are working on Health Care. We are getting that done, too,” reported President Trump at the Snap-On Tools factory … Continue reading

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H.R 6 “21st Century Cures Act

That’s what the cat said, then he fell on his head.–Dr. Suess Tom Reed seldom explains his views on specific legislation; H.R 6, “21st Century Cures Act,” is an exception. Reed writes: Tom Reed fought for patients by supporting the bi-partisan … Continue reading

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“An Apple A Day Keeps Tom Reed Away” Event

Concerned Citizens to Alert Neighbors to Congressman Tom Reed’s Greedy Community Debt Collection Business Residents to distribute apples, warning notices outside Congressman Tom Reed’s Corning District Office “An Apple a Day Keeps Tom Reed Away” (Corning, NY) – Concerned citizens … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed’s Bill Will Axe Family Planning Funding

It’s only January, but Congressman Tom Reed is already hard at work. He has stepped up as the only New York Congressman to co-sponsor the 2013 edition of a bill to axe family planning funding from Planned Parenthood.  How does … Continue reading

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Canadian Health Care System Myths

Probably the most talked about bill that passed during President Obama’s first term was the Affordable Care Act ( ACA for short, but commonly known as Obamacare.) There was a hugh push against it, and long discussions while the Supreme … Continue reading

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