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Rep. Reed’s Survey Questions Analyzed

I recently received the 2015 Official U.S. Government Survey from Rep. Reed’s office.  We were told that “your responses are necessary to help guide federal policy.” These issues are complex; many questions give simplified descriptions that do not inform the … Continue reading

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Gun Violence: More than the Mentally Ill

Last week two local columnists in two local newspapers, the Finger Lakes Times and the Dundee Observer, discussed our “Gun Control” problem. They both pointed to Mental Health reform as a remedy to our county’s gun violence. The Finger Lakes Times … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed & Mental Health–Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Three days after the Charleston Church slayings, Rep. Tom Reed held town hall meetings in Ithaca, Geneva, and Branchport (Town of Jerusalem in Yates County). In Geneva, Reed spoke briefly on the shootings when he was asked the following question: … Continue reading

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Why Red and Blue?

Why are some States red and some States blue? Is there a feedback mechanism in politics that promotes and maintains polarization? One candidate is fear. Why is NY-23 predominately Republican when NYS is predominately Democratic? The answer is fear–Western NY … Continue reading

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Politics 101-The Real Reason Rep. Reed Is Against Universal Background Checks!

The first goal of every politician is to get into power. The second goal is to stay in power. Good politicians (an oxymoron?) know  their constituents’ concerns and values. They work hard to be perceived as someone who shares those … Continue reading

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Dryden’s Feisty Town Hall Meeting With Rep. Reed–with Topic Index

I enjoyed watching Rep. Reed’s Dryden Town Hall Meeting video produced by ShareShock. It can also be seen on Youtube. It is an hour and 23 minutes long. I had to watch it in 4 sittings. If you are interested … Continue reading

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Obama’s Executive Orders–What Are They & Should We Fear Them?

Our Government is made up of three branches, the executive, the legislative, and the judicial. The legislative branch makes the laws, the executive branch enforces the law, and the judicial sees if the laws are legal. The legislative branch is … Continue reading

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A State of the State No Show

Several members of the New York congressional delegation attended Governor Cuomo’s state of the state address yesterday, but not our congressman, Rep. Tom Reed.  It’s too bad he wasn’t there.  He would have had a valuable opportunity to interact with … Continue reading

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