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Dryden’s Feisty Town Hall Meeting With Rep. Reed–with Topic Index

I enjoyed watching Rep. Reed’s Dryden Town Hall Meeting video produced by ShareShock. It can also be seen on Youtube. It is an hour and 23 minutes long. I had to watch it in 4 sittings. If you are interested … Continue reading

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Not a Deal to Love

“It’s not that this proposal is regarded as great or is loved in any way, but it’s regarded as better than going over the cliff.”   That’s the take of our own Senator  Charles Schumer on the fiscal cliff legislation … Continue reading

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No New Farm Bill? Get Your Milk Shakes Now!

The 2008 Farm Bill will expire at Midnight Monday, December 31. If it does expect higher prices for the food we eat. We will first see the increase in the price of dairy products. Milk prices could double! The longer … Continue reading

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DCCC will have Radio and Web Ads Targeting Rep. Reed.

On December 6 we posted an article about the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) targeting 40 ‘vulnerable’ House Republicans and inform their constituents about how they stand on the current economic crisis. Our Congressman, Rep. Tom Reed is one of the … Continue reading

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Tom Reed Says He’s Helping Children

In Wednesday’s E Update to constituents, Rep. Tom Reed wrote that “Our motivation as we work toward a solution to avert the fiscal cliff is our children and grandchildren.”  ‘Amen,’ to that. But do the Congressman’s proposed solutions really address … Continue reading

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DCCC Targets Tom Reed & The Fiscal Cliff

The DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) has indicated that they have their eyes set on the NY 23rd Congressional District. Looking ahead to 2014, they have announced that Rep. Tom Reed is one of 40 highly vulnerable Republicans House members … Continue reading

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Rep. Tom Reed Featured in National Newspaper and Website

Our Congressman, Rep. Tom Reed, is the subject of a feature story in the satirical newspaper  “The Onion”. Congressman Torn Between Meaningless Pledge To Anti-Tax Zealot, Well-Being Of Nation NOVEMBER 28, 2012 | ISSUE 48•48 | MORE NEWS IN BRIEF RELATED ARTICLES U.S. Dept. Of Retro … Continue reading

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Reed’s Other Role In The Fiscal Puzzle

The Hispanic Business.com had an article yesterday discussing Rep. Reed’s recent comment about why he’s now willing to increase taxes if it goes to reduce the deficit. It then explained that Reed has another role in the Fiscal Cliff: As … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed’s take on the Fiscal Cliff, again, but different…

From WENY-TV, Rep. Tom Reed’s latest explanation of his view of the Fiscal Crisis: Elmira, N.Y. – U.S. Congressman Tom Reed says he’s willing to consider a tax raise on rich Americans.  That’s if the revenue from the tax hikes … Continue reading

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Lincoln (The Civil War) vs The Fiscal Cliff

I received an email over the week end from a friend. I was hesitant to post it, but here it is. I would have added the word “some” or “certain” in front of Americans: Rich: Went to see LINCOLN, today. Was … Continue reading

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