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Events in Elmira at The Park Church

Next week on Wednesday, August 7th at 7 PM, the first of three Center for Mark Twain Studies at Elmira College lectures begins at The Park Church. The series will continue on the following two Wednesday evenings – August 14 … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed Pats Himself On The Back as Yates County Remembers the Flood.

This week marks the anniversary of the flood in Yates County. Most houses and businesses that were affected by the waters have been repaired.  The Village is still working with FEMA on municipal losses;  everything is not back to the … Continue reading

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Disparaging government

I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.–attributed to Ronald Reagan Recent years have seen a wide-ranging attack on government–Federal, State, and local. The main justification is a platitude–the smaller the better. We are told: Government is ineffectual, blundering, … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed tries to uses Yates County flood for political gain

Before  a Penn Yan Village Board Meeting on Thursday, June 12, Mayor Leigh MacKerchar reported that he had just gotten off the phone with a reporter from the Finger Lakes Times  asking him for his reaction that the FEMA threshold … Continue reading

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Flood Insurance–Diverse Views

Federal Flood insurance is a tough issue. Conservatives would like to end the program or at least make it pay for itself. However, many legislators, both Republicans and Democrats, are leery of insurance costs so high as to put large … Continue reading

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A Conversation with an Insurance Agent

There has never been a fire in my neighborhood since I moved here. Look, there is a hydrant just across the street. My house is pretty much fireproof, and my family is very careful. Can’t you give me a lower … Continue reading

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The Story of Wellsburg, Tropical Storm Lee, Sen. Schumner and Rep. Reed

The summer of 2011 saw an onslaught of extreme weather disasters across the United States. The most well remembered would be the tornadoes in Missouri and other midwestern states, Hurricane Irene’s trek through fourteen East Coast States, and Tropical Storm … Continue reading

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No Strings Attached

It’s so good to know that here in New York, Rep. Tom Reed has got our back—and I say that with a deeply sarcastic tone.  This guy is unbelievable.  Recently, Governor Cuomo invited the NY Congressional Delegation to meet with … Continue reading

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Reed’s Other Role In The Fiscal Puzzle

The Hispanic Business.com had an article yesterday discussing Rep. Reed’s recent comment about why he’s now willing to increase taxes if it goes to reduce the deficit. It then explained that Reed has another role in the Fiscal Cliff: As … Continue reading

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