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Tom Reed on government

It (disruptive government) causes a lot of people to not react the way you’d typically see DC folks and the establishment react. That type of disruption coming at it with what some people feel is chaos, some people feel is … Continue reading

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For sale: the GOP

My house is always for sale for the right price. –Illinois Real Estate salesman Thank you for all your hard work and keep up the good work. My life is looking so much better now, and I’m impressed with your … Continue reading

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What are the GOP’s concerns?

What are the GOP’s concerns? Here are some things that they seem unconcerned about: Climate change Environmental pollution Economic collapse Government shutdown Default Unemployment Underfunded schools Disabled persons’ plight Poverty Drought Oligarchy ISIS Deteriorating infrastructure Domestic Terrorism Mass murder War … Continue reading

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Why Red and Blue?

Why are some States red and some States blue? Is there a feedback mechanism in politics that promotes and maintains polarization? One candidate is fear. Why is NY-23 predominately Republican when NYS is predominately Democratic? The answer is fear–Western NY … Continue reading

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